LAB is an independent charitable organisation based in London providing news, analysis and information on Latin America, its people, politics and society. LAB exists to promote greater understanding and awareness of the region through our e-mail newsletter, website and social media. We publish newsletters, interviews, articles, videos and reports on the most critical issues facing the region. We particularly aim to provide a channel for NGOs and civil society in Latin America to tell the world about their work.

For over 40 years, LAB has disseminated information on Latin America aimed at stimulating and influencing debate on issues of human rights, development, social and economic justice, political rights, culture and environmental degradation. We are widely known for our books, including the classic Under the Eagle: U.S. Intervention in Central America and the Caribbean by Jenny Pearce; America’s Backyard by Grace Livingstone; Murder in the Rainforest by Jan Rocha; and Faces of Latin America by Duncan Green..

With the generous support of OXFAM, LAB has completed a major redesign of our successful website, which will allow us to promote wider debate and discussion of the region, include better facilities for blogs, discussions and video and encourage social movements in Latin America to contribute and engage in discussion with each other. There are also better links to Facebook, Twitter and other social media whose use in Latin America is rapidly increasing. We are continuing our weekly e-mail newsletter, highlighting our current themes. 

Editorial Team

Sue Branford, Nick Caistor, Kate Cooper, Javier Farje, Nayana Fernandez, Mike Gatehouse, Francis McDonagh.

Support Staff

Liz Morrell, Maria Prado, Ralph Smith, Kuldip Kaur, Paul Westlake, Jennifer Wilde, Tian Spain.


Julia Buxton, Gordon Hutchison, Dario Kenner, Grace Livingstone, Marcela Lopez Levy, Pablo Navarrete, Claudia Pompa, Marta Zabaleta.


Kate Hartley, Andréa Castellano, Marianne Arake, Sara Harcourt, Daniel Frechoso.


Chair: David Treece

Trustees: Julia Buxton, Julian Filochowski, George Gelber, David Lehmann, Rachel Sieder, Fiona Watson, Patrick Wilcken, Graciela Romero Vasquez.

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Latin America Bureau is pleased to announce that at the beginning of March it will be launching the English translation of a remarkable novel written by the Brazilian journalist Bernardo Kucinski.

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