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Kayapó indians, protesting about the construction of the Belo Monte dam on the Xingu river, have been evicted by the military. The eviction has been caught in powerful pictures.
Film-makers from the Kayapó indigneous community in the Brazilian Amazon are beginning to film many aspects of their culture, including the participation of Kayapó girls in beauty contests.
The latest report by APIB and Amazon Watch, is the fourth in their Complicity in Destruction series covering the perpetual destructive mining practices in the Amazon and the impacts these have had on the lives of the indigenous populations of the forest. 
The Ferrogrão a 933 km-long line planned to run through the heart of the Amazon rainforest from Sinop to Miritituba, is arousing consternation amont indigenous groups as the project moves ahead without proper consultation
A new report documents draconian budget cuts to Brazilian environmental monitoring and firefighting of 9.8% in 2020, and 27.4% in 2021 — reductions, analysts say that were inflicted by the Bolsonaro administration in “a clear policy for dismantling national environmental policies.”Brazil’s environmental agencies under Bolsonaro have also been subjected to nearly 600 administrative and rules changes, invoked by presidential...
The anthropologist Eduardo Viveiros de Castro discusses indigenous resistance in the Amazon, the indigenous leader Raoni Metuktire, and his pessimism about the climate crisis Translated by Tom Gatehouse. You can read the original, longer interview, (in Portuguese) here. This is the third in a series of articles written and published in Portuguese by Agência Pública, São Paulo and translated and published in...
While the media focused in 2019 on Brazilian President Jair Bolsonaro’s incendiary remarks, or on the Amazon fires, he has quietly instituted new policies likely to aid land grabbers and do great harm to Amazon forests, indigenous and traditional peoples. “Death by 1,000 Cuts” parts 1 and 2 reviews those policies.Executive decree MP 910...
“A number of indigenous leaders from the Amazon were at the forefront of climate action events in New York 19-28 September 2019.  The protests, rallies and symposia were organised around the UN Climate Summit on 23 September 2019, within the 74th Session of the UN General Assembly, September 17 – 30, 2019. Linda Etchart was there for LAB and...

Amazon Besieged

As LAB prepares to launch its new and powerful book*, co-author Sue Branford issues a stark warning of the implications of a Bolsonaro government for the river-basin and the indigenous and riverine communities who live there. Land-grabbers are already taking the law into their own hands – after January 1 the law will become their own. Let us have no...
Na segunda de seis postagens, Sue Branford fala de uma área onde a criação de uma unidade de conservação ambiental coloca comunidades tradicionais sob o risco de perder o território onde vivem há gerações. Tradução: Maria Luíza Camargo. A matéria original, em inglês, pode ser lida aqui no LAB: ou no Mongabay.  Em janeiro 2016, a jornalista britânica Sue...

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