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The latest report by APIB and Amazon Watch, is the fourth in their Complicity in Destruction series covering the perpetual destructive mining practices in the Amazon and the impacts these have had on the lives of the indigenous populations of the forest. 
Environmental Defenders series, Listening to Women Resisting Violence, Crossed Off the Map - Travels in Bolivia, Solidarity with Latin America conference and new books from LAB authors.

Brazil: a gift of honey

Pataxó leaders erect monument for indigenous land rights
At the Monument to 500 Years of Resistance by the Indigneous Peoples of Brazil, Braga, a Pataxó chief, imagines a gift of honey for senators as they debate PL490, which threatens indigenous land rights. It is a gift 'to disarm the media, touch the people, enchant the world'.
During a temporary exhibition at Salvador's Museum of Modern Art of Bahia, Indigenous artists took over the curation in a temporary, symbolic ‘retomada’.
3 April 2020 Dear LAB Supporter and Friend, In the past fortnight, as the Covid-19 virus took hold in Europe and began to make major inroads into the populations of the Americas, LAB has attempted to keep up with the extraordinary transformations being wreaked in all our societies. We lack the resources of the major news organisations, but we have a strong and growing team...
The Other Five Hundred Years Monument
Dan Baron Cohen and Manoela Souza first collaborated with the Pataxó People in Coroa Vermelha, Porto Seguro, South-East Bahia, in 2000, to build a monument to the 'Other 500 Years', to question the celebration of the 'Discovery of Brazil', by the then Brazilian government led by Fernando Cardoso Henrique. The monument in construction by Pataxó women and children was...
After months of struggle, Brazil's Indians stop Congress from passing legislation that would jeopardise their control over their land

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