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Action for Argentina UK

We are a politically pluralist collective of journalists, academics, trade unionists, students, activists, workers and others living in the UK who are concerned about the alarming economic and political situation faced by the people of Argentina at the hands of the disastrous neoliberal model. Our concerns mirror those of millions within the country; record national indebtedness, growing inequality, poverty, environmental destruction, violations of human and labour rights and increasing repression that have surged in Argentina under the government of Cambiemos and President Mauricio Macri since December 2015. As Britons, Argentinian and other citizens, we take actions to express our solidarity with social struggles, movements, workers, pensioners, human rights defenders, feminists, indigenous people, environmentalists and others in Argentina who are suffering from the policies of the current government and who are struggling to counter the damage that these are inflicting on the people. We also recall how as Britons and Argentinians, we share a rich history of friendship and solidarity. We hope to continue this legacy.


Facebook: Twitter: Email address: Phone number: 07944 052 859 Contact person: Dan Ozarow

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