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Argentina Solidarity Campaign

Argentina Solidarity Campaign is a self-organised collective in the UK that aims to support people in Argentina who are suffering at the hands of the neoliberal and extractivist model and their accompanying exorbitant and unjust policies. Our campaign is inclusive, pluralistic and non-party aligned and we share a common objective: that of making visible the looting of Argentinian, Latin American and global society by neoliberalism and its extractivist policies; and supporting human rights. It is this diversity of perspectives, as well as a range of political affinities and ideals among our participants that make us strong. We believe that the only way to set our our demands is by forging friendships and to achieve these unity is essential. We organise our assemblies in a horizontal and inclusive way and participation is open to all. We will take decisions by means of consensus and in a considered and active way. We will try to be as transparent as possible, leaving these mechanisms and the resources that we produce freely available to all because we believe in the public domain. We demand a more just Argentina and a more just world, not tomorrow but today! Contact Important links to resources
  1. ASC promotional documentary film – Solidarity and the current economic and political crisis in Argentina
  2. ASC video on Ni Una Menos womens’ rights campaign

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