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Coronavirus Chiapas Raymundo López Galería MUY
For the Indigenous communities in pre-pandemic Chiapas, Mexico, weak health systems and even weaker trust in authorities had dangerous consequences.
Why did such a large majority of Chileans (62%) reject the new draft constitution in the plebiscite on 4 September? Emily Gregg analyses the salient reasons and asks, if not like this, then how is change to be effected?
The arrival of Covid-19 devastated Latin America. Across the region, there are calls to build a more just economy and society than the one that was left behind.
Covid-19 has caused untold damage in Latin America. The region accounts for almost a third of Covid-19 deaths despite making up less than 10 percent of the world’s population. Many of the region’s economies also suffered disproportionately when compared to the rest of the world. While global production had contracted by approximately three per cent by May 2021, Latin...
Homelessness has increased dramatically during the Covid pandemic in São Paulo. A film and exhibition explore the way homeless people convert the street into a place of semi-permanent dwelling.
Chile's current 'Three Grounds' abortion law is proving inadequate in practice. Lack of public information, the 14-week limit and medical staff 'conscientious objection' opt outs all lead to many unwanted pregnancies and dangerous illegal abortions. The incoming Boric government is being urged to reform the law.

No quiet evening in Chile

Boric Presidente
LAB editor Emily Gregg reports from Concepción Chile on the historic night of Gabriel Boric' election victor
Emily Gregg reviews a video film which brings together journalists trying to report on the Covid-19 pandemic in Venezuela and the repression they have experienced in trying to tell the truth.
LAB is excited to invite you to the second instalment of the Voices of Latin America webinar series, this time focusing on LGBTQ+ rights and machismo.
Building on the Voices book published in January 2019, the authors of Voices are back to provide an update on Latin America’s new activism. We will be discussing Latin America’s developments from the past few years and talking about how social activists have adapted to new challenges.

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