Saturday, October 21, 2017
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Jesús Alberto ‘Chucho’ García is Venezuelan Consul General in New Orleans and previously represented the Venezuelan government in Angola, Mali and Burkina Faso.  He is a founder of the Juan Ramón Lugo Afro-Revolutionary Movement.  Despite describing the current opposition to Nicolás Maduro as ‘racist and fascist’, he says that the state’s bureaucratic approach to production is ignoring the creativity...
Was LAB unfair to Pope Francis in our 4 April Newsletter? An analysis by the provincial of the Colombian Jesuits provides a more hopeful view.
LAB editor Francis McDonagh describes a visit to the south of the Brazilian state of Pará, starting in Belém and moving into deepest darkest rancher country.
LAB Editor Francis McDonagh discusses what the tragedy in southern Brazil, in which 236 young people were killed, tells us about Brazil's ambition to be a member of the 'rich country' club.
LAB's Francis McDonagh renews his links with Recife, and observes Brazil at a slant, outside the São Paulo-Brasília beltway.

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