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Jaskiran Kaur Chohan

Jaskiran Kaur Chohan is a PhD student at the Institute of Americas, UCL. Her research looks at sustainable development in Colombia, focusing on Zonas de Reserva Campesina.
Main image: Community leaders, military and San Pablo municipal delegates meet. Photo: Jaskiran Kaur Chohan Just over a year ago many Colombians and observers around the world were perplexed as to how a country could vote against peace. After that night of short-lived highs and interminable lows the ‘Yes’ camp, in tears and despair, looked for ways to keep the...
This has been a historic year for Colombia, with the signing of the peace accords in September 2016 and the continent’s oldest guerrilla group, FARC-EP, laying down its arms and becoming a formal political party. The process has had many sceptics. Questions abound about how effective implementation will be and many city dwellers doubt whether the peace accords have...

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