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The author argues that a new immigration law in Arizona will create tensions in the border with Mexico.
Steve Ellner analyses ten years of Hugo Chávez and Chavismo.
Unasur has a new leader and says "no" to Honduras.
Naomi Klein argues that the Cochabamba conference will make a difference in the fight againts climate change
The author talks about the emergence of a powerful and dynamic popular movement in Honduras.
As protests against Arizona's immigration law grow, LAB explains how the Republican legislators shot themselves in the foot.
The former mayor of Bogotá poses a threat to Alvaro Uribe's heir.
The Bolivian President, Evo Morales, explains why his country rejected the Copenhagen "accord".
Naomi Klein argues that the Cochabamba conference points to the only effective way of combating climate change.
The author takes a critical approach towards a widely respected human rights organisation