Tuesday, June 28, 2022
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The 'packet of destruction' raft of new bills is set to pass in Brazil's congress, with the enthusiastic endorsement of President Bolsonaro. It spells death and destruction for the Amazon and for indigenous communities.
Environmental Defenders series, Listening to Women Resisting Violence, Crossed Off the Map - Travels in Bolivia, Solidarity with Latin America conference and new books from LAB authors.
Haiti migration wall
In February 2022 the Dominican Republic began construction of its long-mooted border wall to keep out Haitian migrants.
Bia Lessa directing
A film about Brazilian performing artist/director Bia Lessa is one of a series called Onde Nascem As Ideias, directed by Carolina Sá. The films are being screened online by Cine Latino
Chile's current 'Three Grounds' abortion law is proving inadequate in practice. Lack of public information, the 14-week limit and medical staff 'conscientious objection' opt outs all lead to many unwanted pregnancies and dangerous illegal abortions. The incoming Boric government is being urged to reform the law.
Oil pollution beach Brazil
U.S. oil giant ExxonMobil is seeking to drill 11 wells in a marine area near the estuary of the São Francisco River in eastern Brazil. 52 conservation areas and a barrier reef are affected. The company has started training local fishermen to deal with any spill. Local communities are not being properly consulted.
Brazil Elections 2022 Bolsonaro Lula Latin America Bureau
Polls give Lula a decisive lead in the run-up to this year's presidential elections. Will the Bolsonaros (Jair and his sons) allow the victory, or will they play the Trump card?
Alicia Carriquiriborde Latin America Bureau
Alicia Carriquiriborde describes the courage and resilience of women political prisoners held at Villa Devoto, Buenos Aires during the military dictatorship in Argentina.

Brazil: reaction vs progress

nossa-correpondente-book-launch 3
Professor David Treece reviews Jan Rocha's chronicle of her years reporting for the BBC on Brazil during the military dictatorship
Sr Pamela Hussey Latin America Bureau
Sr Pamela Hussey, for more than 40 years a campaigner for Peace and Justice, especially in El Salvador, has died at the age of 99. Many LAB supporters remember her with affection and respect.

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