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After months of struggle, Brazil's Indians stop Congress from passing legislation that would jeopardise their control over their land
Help the Munduruku Indians in their struggle for respect of their Indigenous Rights
This is the first open letter by the Munduruku Indians, about the recent step of marking out the limits of their land in an attempt to force the authorities to give them the legal rights to land they have long occupied
A new documentary film about a Munduruku village on the Tapajós river region in Brazilian Amazonas, directed by LAB editor Nayana Fernandez.
Next week the FIFA World Cup tournament starts in Brazil and many Brazilians don't seem to be very happy about the world biggest football carnival coming to town.
Mare Favela children speak in a crowd-funded documentary film about life in a Brazilian urban slum.
A textbook from the Escuelita, the Zapatista 'little school', to help you learn about autonomous government.
While public transport activists condemn the violence used against the São Paulo military police colonel in a demonstration, they are also critical of the authorities’ failure to repudiate the violence used by the police against many demonstrators.
Indigenous villagers protesting against hydro-electric projects face escalating intimidation.
The Brazilian government is about to approve the construction of the country’s largest ever gold mine at Volta Grande on the Xingu River, only a short distance from the site of the internationally criticised Belo Monte dam.

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