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In the runup to National Assembly elections on 6 December, the Venezuelan opposition MUD coalition is making strenuous attempts to lose its 'oligarchic' connections to increase its appeal to poorer voters
December elections for Venezuela's National Assembly offer the opposition MUD coalition their best opportunity to date to challenge President Maduro and the ruling PSUV party.
Recent elections in the Mexican state of Chiapas have seen historic advances by women candidates determined to make the new electoral law on gender parity a meaningful reality
In Caño del Oro, on an island close to Cartagena, efforts to win collective land titles boost the resilience of the Afro-Colombian community.
Recent economic woes and increasing protests and strikes are calling into question President Rafael Correa's attempts to win popular support to run again for the presidency in 2017

Guatemala: the criminal state

Days after the arrest of President Perez Molina, Guatemalans have voted to elect a new head of state but none of the candidates seems likely to resolve country's pressing problems.

Guyana: winds of change

The May 2015 elections marked the end of the People's Progressive Party's 20-year rule. The new coalition government faces tough challenges.
The Ch'oti Mayan people from the east of Guatemala are resisting attempts to force them off their lands and undermine their livelihoods.
An exhibition of patchworks produced by craftswomen from Chile and other countries around the world shows the power of these works of silent protest
The murder of students and the closure of several university campuses in recent months shows how drugs-related violence is a serious threat to Mexico's educational system.

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