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In an increasingly ageing population,grandmothers have heavy economic and caring burdens but are also finding new opportunities .
Cuban TV provoked a storm of indignation when it appeared to hold women solely responsible for the country's low birth-rate.
Panama's voters have elected a bitter rival of current president Ricardo Martinelli, putting paid to his attempts to continue to control the country's destiny.
On June 1, former guerrilla leader Salvador Sanchez Ceren was inaugurated as president.
President Pérez Molina is a leading opponent of the indiscriminate use of force to thwart the illegal drugs trade. Now he is pressing for the UN to adopt a complete change of strategy.
The killing of a Zapatista schoolteacher leads subcomandante Marcos to adopt a new identity in honour of his fallen comrade
A new company making tablet computers suggests a different economic path for post-earthquake Haiti
USAID's covert promotion of a social media network raises questions about new technology on the island
Alfonso Cuarón questions President Peña Nieto about government plans to reform the oil and gas industry.

Cuba: Ice-picks and rum

Cuban writer Leonardo Padura talks about his latest novel, The Man Who Loved Dogs.

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