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Gwen Burnyeat on Colombian peace process / Russell White on Haitian elections / Sue Branford on the BNDES / Ali Rocha and Nayana Fernandez on the MPL / Interview with Ernesto Benítez
Marcela López Levy's on Macri's election / OpenDemocracy article / Gwen Burnyeat on Colombian peace process and her own students / Nick Caistor on Mexican democracy and Carlos Slim / Catherine Morgans on environmental devastation in Brazil
This newsletter presents Jan Rocha's coverage of the ongoing political crisis in Brazil, two blog posts from Gwen Burnyeat from Colombia and an analysis of the situation in Venezuela ahead of the December parliamentary elections by Coromoto Power Febres.
Like a religious faith, the Brazilian obsession with football is beyond rational explanation.
Now the cup is over, Brazil's media are seeking to blame any shortfall in commercial profits on the social movements and demonstrators. What a cheek!
The causes of last year's demonstrations haven't been addressed. But are Brazilians tired of demonstrating?
'I would rather die than spend a long time in one of our prisons' --Minister of Justice Cardozo.

In Defence of Mais Medicos

The arrival of Cuban doctors arouses strong opposition among some Brazilians.
Yoani Sánchez' tour of Brazil provokes a storm of Cold War polemic.

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