Sunday, October 24, 2021
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Brazil: the ‘B’ in BRICSAM

Brazil, more than any other Latin American country, is attracting the attention of the world and LAB finds itself providing increasing coverage of developments in the country.

Climate Change Newsletter

Once again, all the signatories of the Framework Convention on Climate Change are meeting to discuss progress in the fight against global warming.

Mining and Social Conflict

This year has seen a seemingly endless tide of bad news about mining from every continent on the globe.

Election Day in Caracas

Rachael Boothroyd gives a lively account of election day in the capital.

Amazon Journey 2013

LAB Editors Sue Branford & Nayana Fernandez travel to the Amazon to visit garimpeiros, quilombos, Mundukuru Indians and others defending land and community rights.
In our newsletter of September 7 (see here) we discussed institutional and academic views of inequality. Here we look at views from civil society. at a grass roots level.
At 75% the proportion of Nicaraguan children who complete primary school is the lowest in Latin America and the Caribbean, symbolising the multiple deprivations they suffer.
To win their rights, Jamaicans have to shake off the burden of 200 years of colonial history.


Brazil’s Bolsa Família programme is widely held up as a model, but it hasn’t made Brazil more equal, says INESC.

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