Monday, December 6, 2021
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Ollanta Humala promised to tackle the country's deep-seated social inequalities when he took over a year ago. But, says LAB's Javier Farje, his supporters are feeling bitterly disappointed.
UN numbers suggest an increase in land under coca cultivation in Colombia, while "mysterious" U.S. numbers suggest a decrease.
The Venezuelan government is celebrating its membership of Mercosur, but not everybody is joining the party.
Brazil's rush to build roads and hydroelectric power stations is wiping out archaeological sites, many of them of great cultural importance to communities today. In a special article for LAB, Bruna Rocha, reports.
Brazil's ambitious programme for hydroelectric dam building in the Amazon region is going ahead. But, says Jan Rocha,the companies are not honouring their commitment to respect the rights of the local population and the workers on their sites.
Is microfinance really a useful tool for development? In a special article for LAB, Milford Bateman forcefully argues that it is not.
Monsanto and the government's 'soyalisation' programme threaten the health of thousands and have contributed to escalating violence, including four murders, according to respected Argentine human rights campaigners.
President Lula lifted millions of Brazilians out of extreme poverty and at the heart of his social policies was Bolsa Familia, his family grant scheme that has been much praised abroad. But how key a role was actually played by Bolsa Familia?
Indigenous communities express their support for the legal challenge to the government's right to change the mining law. Beth Geglia reports.
An indigenous group has gone to court to challenge the government's legal right to change the mining law without consulting the indigenous population.The Center for International Environmental Law and MiningWatchCanada report.

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