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Become a LAB partners



LAB works with partner organisations across Latin America and the Caribbean. These include:

  • NGOs (mainly those within the region, but including some based in the UK, Europe and North America)

  • The specific partner organisations of UK aid agencies such as OXFAM

  • Social movements, women’s organisations, trade unions, campaigning groups and other civil society organisations in the Region

  • Campaigning, research, academic, human rights and solidarity organisations in the UK and elsewhere who are concerned with Latin America and the Caribbean.

This page provides a space for you, our partners, to say who you are, where you are based, what you hope to achieve and the difficulties you confront.

Please send us files or links to them containing articles and reports, photos and video or audio interviews about yourselves and the areas in which you work. We will endeavour to post them among our news articles or upload them to our E-LIBRARY.

Become a LAB Partner and complete a Profile (choose the appropriate link below to complete the survey in English, Spanish, French or Portuguese). N.B. This service is free and will not cost you anything.

  • If you would like to become a LAB Partner and be listed on this page, please complete our LAB Partner Profile survey. It’s easy (and free)! Just click here

  • Si ustedes desean convertirse en socios de LAB y aparecer en este sitio de internet, por favor llene nuestro formulario del Perfil del Socio de LAB. ¡Es muy fácil y gratis!, Haga click aquí

  • Si vous voulez etre un associé de LAB, et figurer a cette page, veuillez completer notre enquête des profils d’associés. C’est facile et c’est gratuit! Simplement cliquez ici.

  • Para que você ou a sua organização se torne uma parceira do LAB, e faça parte da lista de parceiros no nosso site, é simples! Apenas complete gratuitamente o questionário de inscrição, clicando aqui.

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