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Brazil Inside Out


Brazil Inside Out – People, Politics and Culture

by Jan Rocha and Francis McDonagh. 2nd Edition 2016 by LAB & Practical Action Publishing.

Latin America Bureau (LAB), together with Practical Action Publishing (PAP), have published a new book on Brazil – a very readable introduction to the country’s charms, contradictions and complexities, with a dash of humour to lighten the facts and figures.

This 2nd Edition has been especially updated for the Rio Olympics.

The paperback version is available from from Practical Action Publishing,  price £12.30.

Brazil Inside Out has chapters on Brazil’s culture, history, politics, environment and, of course, its football, along with handy hints about what to visit, what to eat and essential Portuguese terms (including, of course, caipirinha and gooooooooool!). It’s not a conventional guidebook but a look at the real Brazil, which shows why this vast country is as it is and what makes it tick.

Comments from early readers:

Linda Rabben, American anthropologist, human rights advocate and author of books about Brazilian and other human rights issues: “From football to the Amazon forest, Brazil Inside Out smoothly surveys the vast landscape of Brazilian society, economics and politics. Long-time Brazil hands Jan Rocha and Francis McDonagh share their expert knowledge in a compact and readable volume, perfect for the long flight down to the World Cup – and a second reading on the way home.”

Liz Throssell, former BBC correspondent in Brazil: “Brazil Inside Out is a great short read for those who want to learn about this huge, fascinating, complex and contradictory nation, written with insight into what makes Brazil and Brazilians tick.”

Julian Filochowski, Chair of the Oscar Romero Trust:  “Francis McDonagh and Jan Rocha cleverly capture the beauty and complexity of Brazil and its people in this concise, informative and highly readable little volume. It provides a clear account and a sensitive analysis of the colonial history, the indelible marks of slavery, the rich culture, the economic paths trodden and the political experiences of this giant country. The vibrancy of Brazilian life leaps out of the pages. A veritable kaleidoscope of photographs and word images contrasts the lot of the poorest sectors with the power and opulence of the rural elites – a constant thread throughout the work.”

Oliver Balch, author of Viva South America!: “Whether you are a regular traveller to Brazil or visiting for the first time, Brazil Inside Out guarantees to entertain as well as to inform. Rocha and McDonagh are both expert insiders, but they wear their knowledge lightly. The result is one of the most insightful, enjoyable Introductions to Brazil for quite some time.”

Mark Perryman, author Ingerland: Travels with a Football Nation: “Latin America Bureau are past masters at providing informative and insightful introductions to the region. With this guide they’ve combined regional knowledge with football insight to produce the indispensable read for World Cup 2014, home and away.”

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