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Brazil: Launch of “The Munduruku Indians: Weaving Resistance”


Time in many indigenous communities in the Amazon follows a different logic from that of the big urban centres in Brazil and the rest of the world. In Munduruku language, for instance, the nearest approximation to our rigorous division of the day into hours and minutes are the three words — Kabiá, Wuykat and Kabiun, which mean simply morning, afternoon and evening. Following this Amazon way of doing things, Nayana Fernandez’s documentary The Munduruku Indians: Weaving Resistance was transported in a ‘rabetinha’ (wooden boat typical of the region), was delayed to implement important last-minute changes and is only being launched today (19 November) in the UK. There was a good reason for the 2-day delay which, in the frenetic rhythm of a city like São Paulo or London, feels like an eternity. The Munduruku Indians: Weaving Resistance production team has just finalised a partnership with the Munduruku movement Iperêg Ayû. We are now officially collaborating with the Munduruku warriors, men and women, as well as working with their local supporters, such as the Amazônia em Chamas, with all of us united in our goal to support the Munduruku people living along the Tapajós river and its tributaries. The documentary project, which will be launched with a crowd-funding campaign, has several goals: – To publicise inside Brazil and abroad the resistance of the Munduruku people; – To make legal a Munduruku association called DAUK; – To translate the documentary into the Munduruku language, dub it and distribute it among the communities; – To support the Munduruku in the work they are doing to formally demarcate the boundaries of their land in the Middle Tapajós region. We hope we will continue to receive your support and now, with no further delays, we present the whole documentary: “The Munduruku Indians: Weaving Resistance” [Full Documentary] from MiráPorã on Vimeo. This video was produced independently, with the support of some organizations in the UK, such as Latin America Bureau (LAB) and the Lipman Miliband Trust, Munduruku leaders and their local supporters. The post-production process was made thanks to collaborative and solidarity work. The Munduruku Indians: Weaving Resistance can be downloaded for free from the link above.
United Kingdom/Brazil, 25min Dir.: Nayana Fernandez Production: Sue Branford, Mauricio Torres and Nayana Fernandez Edition: Nayana Fernandez and Jason Brooks Sound Editing: Aquiles Pantaleão and Michal Kuligowski Motion Graphics: Mariana Delellis Additional images by Munduruku Indians (Teles Pires village), Minguarana Producciones (Restinga village) and Emilio Dias (aerial images) Music: “Whispers” – by Kushal Gaya and Jenny Sutton / “Mi Corazón” – by Kike Pinto

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