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Brazil: OAS calls for halt to Belo Monte


rowth Program.”  “There are numerous cases involving the forced displacement of families without compensation, as well as serious environmental impacts, social disruption of communities, rising violence in areas surrounding construction sites and poor working conditions.”


Criticism of the Belo Monte dam comes not only from civil society organizations, and local communities, but also from scientists, researchers, and government institutions. The Federal Public Prosecutor’s office in Pará state has already filed ten civil lawsuits against the mega-project that are still awaiting final decisions.


“I am very moved by this news,” said Sheyla Juruna, an Indigenous leader of the Juruna community in Altamira. “Today, more than ever, I am sure that we were right to expose the Brazilian Government – including the federal judicial system – for violations of the rights of indigenous peoples in the Xingu and of all those who are fighting together to protect life and a healthy environment.  We will maintain our firm resistance against the implementation of the Belo Monte Dam Complex.”


The IACHR’s decision is founded on international law established by the American Convention on Human Rights, Convention 169 of the International Labour Organisation (ILO), the United Nations Declaration on Indigenous Rights (UNDRIP), and the UN Convention on Biological Diversity (CBD), as well as the Brazilian Constitution itself.


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