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LAB has compiled this brief list of groups and organisations whose websites you can visit and discover more.

latin-american-dance-classLatin American life and culture in London is a carnival of riches and resources. LAB has compiled this brief list of groups and organisations whose websites you can visit and discover more. Contact us if you come across other interesting websites, documents or links.

Cuba 50

Celebrating Cuban Culture in the UK from music to visual arts, dance, poetry, discussion, sports, film and performance.

Brazilian News

Weekly Portuguese language newspaper in the UK

Express News

Latin American newspaper in the UK

Jungle Drums

JungleDrums Magazine is proud to be the main point of reference and contact between the cultures of Brazil and Britain, with its 20,000 monthly copies and being the only magazine in Europe with bilingual content in English and Portuguese.

Pueblito Paisa

Campaign to protect UK’s largest Latin American Market in Seven Sisters

Latin American Workers’ Association

Non-governmental organisation to protect the rights of workers and improve their lives.

Bolivar Hall, Embassy of Venezuela

Cultural Latin American Events in London


A festival for the promotion of contemporary Colombian arts and culture in Europe, giving Colombia’s artistic talent a meaningful voice on the international stage while forging a strong cultural identity for Colombians living outside their country.

Carnaval del Pueblo

For 14 years Carnaval del Pueblo has been celebrating of the Latin American culture in London. Famous for showcasing the vibrant colours, flavours and music from the Carnivals of Brazil, Mexico, Cuba, Colombia, Ecuador and many others, with live music and dance.


Cubacheche works to promote Cuban and Afro-Cuban music and culture both in London and around the UK.

Discovering Latin America

Non-governmental organisation working to showcase Latin America through festivals, exhibitions, meetings, conferences, events and other activities. They also identify and invest in initiatives that will contribute to the transformation of Latin America, in areas such as: education, health, water and sanitation, livelihood and rural development.


Mexicolore is a small independent teaching team based in London providing specialist educational services on Mexico and teaching resources on the Mexica (Aztecs), plus background information and advice, for schools and museums throughout England.

El Ibérico

Fortnightly newspaper written in Spanish for the Spanish community in London.

The Brazilian Post

The Brazilian Post is a weekly newspaper based in London, which provides news and information for and about the Brazilian community living there. It is published in intercalating editions, in English and Portuguese.

Escuela de Formación Artística y Cultural Latinoamericana

The Latin American School of Artistic and Cultural Education (ESFORAL) is an endeavour by a group of Latin American teachers, concerned with the education of Latin American children and young people, born or brought up in the United Kingdom.

Carila – Latin American Welfare Group

Carila is a registered charity. It was created in 1985 with the aim to improve the lives of the Latin American community in London. It set out to provide free advice, interpretation and advocacy for the Latin American Community in London.

International Extra

Latin American Newspaper in the UK

Latino Times

Latin American Newspaper in London

Alborada is an independent website covering Latin America related issues such as politics, media and culture. They also organise and promote documentary screening and talks on a number of issues related to the region.

Latino Life

A multi-media platform dedicated to reflecting the world of Latino, Spanish and Portuguese culture that is being sought after and celebrated daily by people in Britain. They offer a comprehensive guide to what’s on in the UK and a quality magazine packed with interesting articles and interviews about Latin America, Spain, Portugal and their diasporas in the UK and all over the world.

Latin American Disabled People’s Project

The Latin American Disabled People’s Project was founded in 1990 by and for disabled Spanish and Portuguese speaking people living in London and aims to improve their quality of life.

Hispanoamerican Health Service

A charity whose aims are for the relief of poverty and benefit of Latin American refugees and asylum seekers in the area of greater London, in particular by the provision of health advice and information; the advancement of education in language and communication skills and the provision of facilities for recreation and other leisure time occupation.

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