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Brazil’s Yanomami people: silence, devastation and fear

This article was first published in Portuguese by Público. It has been translated for LAB by Theo Bradford and edited by Mike Gatehouse There was...

Bolivia facing up to Covid-19: some achievements, some failures

Main image: La Paz, with the Illimani mountain in the background. Source: EEJCC / CC 4.0, Wikimedia. N.B. Statistics for infection and death-rates shown in...

El Salvador’s Bukele – populist and authoritarian?

Between the 24 and 27 April 2020, 76 gang-related murders were reported in El Salvador - a significant hike from the 65 murders which...

Ecuador: Covid stalks the highlands

This article was prepared by the author on April 22 2020. While the counts of cases and deaths from Covid-19 have changed (see Postscript...

Brazil: the parallel universe of Messias Bolsonaro

It was billed as an important presidential announcement, and his ministers stood behind him, dark suited, hands clasped in front of them like a...

Mexico: populism and the pandemic – a dangerous mix

This article is based on one written by Luis Vazquez, and has been translated and edited by LAB. Like the populists in power in other...

Bolsonaro won’t help us with coronavirus

Excellent video from The Guardian showing Brazil's favela-dwellers working hard to implement lock-downs and to supply food and essentials to their communities, while President...

Uncontacted tribes could be exterminated by Covid-19

This article was first published on 6 April 2020 by Newsweek. You can read the original article here. The COVID-19 pandemic could “wipe out”...

The measles from the time of my grandfather

This article is part of the series: Dispatches from the pandemic, published on Somatosphere. Main image: CCPY doctor examines a sick Yanomami child, Balaú, Brazil....

Bolsonaro thinks he can hide the bodies

The Brazilian state could organize an effective response to the COVID-19 pandemic – but not with Jair Bolsonaro as president, argues Vladimir Safatle, a...

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