Thursday, August 18, 2022

Lula and Alberto Fernández in discussion

The Faculty of Social Sciences of the University of Buenos Aires organized a virtual dialogue 'Thinking about Latin America After the Pandemic' on Friday...

Ecuador: indigenous women on the frontline

The main concern of the government is to re-open the economy, and get the pipelines going again after lockdown, but they do not care...

Virus toll of indigenous elders is destroying history

COVID-19 kills the elderly, those with underlying health conditions, the poor and vulnerable. It is now doing so in the Brazilian Amazon where the...

Jujuy, Argentina: the whole country is watching us

As large parts of the country remain in lockdown, Argentina’s northernmost province, Jujuy, has all but ended its quarantine amid harsh restrictions on freedoms. Main...

Guatemala: the void left by empty classrooms

Sunset over Guatemala City marks another day of widening inequality and increasing despair as Covid-19 cases continue to rise. With the country’s informal economy...

The pandemic of disinformation in Latin America

Both the United Nations and World Health Organization have labelled the spread of disinformation during the coronavirus crisis as an ‘infodemic.’ ‘We have faced...

Chile: Censored humanity

Chile's protests were thwarted when the arrival of Coronavirus forced the population to stay at home. As the impact of the quarantine takes its...

Mexico’s economy battered by the virus

Mexico is in the most critical stage of the Coronavirus pandemic. As of 18 May, the government reports 49,219 infected and 5,177 dead. The...

Chile: the protest movements adapt to Covid-19

This is the first of two articles with testimony from Chile’s protest movements and the impact of Covid-19. See also our January article 'Chile's long...

An open and shut case – schools and Covid-19

‘What’s that huge queue for?’ I asked my friend. He simply shrugged his shoulders as we stared at the seemingly endless line of people,...

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