Thursday, August 18, 2022

Nicaragua: Coffee and Covid-19

‘The pandemic will bring tremendous personal health risk to smallholder coffee farmers around the globe, but also a series of financial risks, including market...

Bolivia facing up to Covid-19: some achievements, some failures

Main image: La Paz, with the Illimani mountain in the background. Source: EEJCC / CC 4.0, Wikimedia. N.B. Statistics for infection and death-rates shown in...

Brazil: MST guidance vs Bolsonaro’s irresponsibility

Brazil's president Bolsonaro has ridiculed the coronavirus crisis as being a mere flu, outraging health professionals and going against most members of his own...

Indigenous peoples: why it matters to us all if they catch...

This article was translated for LAB by Chloe Budd. You can read the original (in Spanish) here. Main image: Raya, an old Nahua....

Covid-19 as a critical juncture

While this article is global in scope, LAB is publishing it because all of the many interesting issues it raises are...

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