Tuesday, May 17, 2022

Rio: football helps favela children survive Covid

From the football pitch perched precariously on a hillside in Penha, you can see thousands of small brick homes stretching to the mountains in...

Colombia: lessons of the pandemic

8 July 2020. In Colombia, children from the Chocó Robotics Club located in one of the remotest, poorest, and most violence-scarred departments, have used...

Coronavirus prefers ‘the poor crooked scythe and spade’ — LAB Newsletter:...

Coronavirus prefers ‘the poor crooked scythe and spade’ LAB Newsletter: 19 July 2020 Covid-19 targets the poor Infections in the US today reached 3.7 million, with...

Coca and Covid in Argentina

Closure of the border with Bolivia in response to covid-19 has exposed a legal vacuum in Argentina surrounding the consumption, importation and cultivation of...

Lula and Alberto Fernández in discussion

The Faculty of Social Sciences of the University of Buenos Aires organized a virtual dialogue 'Thinking about Latin America After the Pandemic' on Friday...

Ecuador: indigenous women on the frontline

The main concern of the government is to re-open the economy, and get the pipelines going again after lockdown, but they do not care...

The pandemic of disinformation in Latin America

Both the United Nations and World Health Organization have labelled the spread of disinformation during the coronavirus crisis as an ‘infodemic.’ ‘We have faced...

The Amazon: Deregulation and deforestation fuel the pandemic

This article was edited by LAB. The authors’ original text (in Portuguese) can be found here. The authors argue that the acceleration of Amazonian deforestation...

Domestic violence in Mexico – a silent pandemic?

Domestic violence is part of a phenomenon that is older than COVID-19, but it is due to the pandemic that it has intensified and, at the same time, that it has gained greater visibility.

Chile: the protest movements adapt to Covid-19

This is the first of two articles with testimony from Chile’s protest movements and the impact of Covid-19. See also our January article 'Chile's long...

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