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David Lehmann continues with his reflections on the evangélicos, looking now at how the old stereotypes have become obsolete. The second of two blogs.
As the evangelical churches have grown, so they have become more professional and more diversified. This is is what David Lehmann found in his recent visits to the churches. The first of two blogs.

Chile: Memoria, 40 years on

LAB Council member David Lehmann, after a visit to Santiago's Museo de La Memoria, is perplexed to find that support for the violence perpetrated by the Pinochet dictatorship is still acceptable and tolerated.
A documentary film about Chilean Refugees in Cambridge, England, prompts wider questions about a time when the words 'refugee' and 'asylum' prompted sympathy rather than fear.

Brazil 1964: Never again!

March 31 marks the fiftieth anniversary of the military coup in Brazil, which ushered in the era of dictatorships in Latin America.
‘Mad Man Sad Woman’, by Juan Radigan, is on at The Place, 269 Westferry Road, London E14 3RS, until 8 July. Tickets from Translated by Catherline Boyle. Directed by Sue Dunderdale. with Sadie Shimmin and Bil Stuart. To write a work of art about absolute deprivation is a never-ending challenge. The most absolute deprivation is death itself, but there are uncounted...
Film Review: El Mensajero. Jayson McNamara (2016) English title: “Messenger on a White Horse’ During the murderous years 1976-83, from the Argentine coup to the Falklands War, and especially during the worst years 1976-79, one newspaper defied the suppression of news about disappearances and state killings. It was the venerable English-language Buenos Aires Herald. A holdover from the days when Argentina...

Chile: Cabros de Mierda

Film Review: Cabros de Mierda English title: “The Young Shepherd’ (Gonzalo Justiniano, Chile, 2017) with Nathalie Aragonese, Daniel Contessa Aguirre and Elias Collado Moya. ‘Cabros de Mierda’ means ‘Damned Kids’ in a sanitized English translation – though the film’s official English title is; The Young Shepherd.  It is the name of a neighbourhood football team but also sends a message of dissent....

Brazil: Lula imprisoned

The imprisonment of former president Lula takes place against a background which is complicated at best and murky at worst. The case against him is as follows: Lula’s wife, who died two years ago, had been eligible to purchase a $0.5 million duplex apartment in the seaside resort of Guarujá in São Paulo state, but subject to paying for an upgrade...
In the last two weeks the Brazilian scholar Matias Spektor of the Fundação Getúlio Vargas has brought to light documents which take us back to the dark depths of the country’s military regime which governed from 1964 to 1984. Matias Spektor comments on the discovery of the CIA documents. Interview by Pedro Bial, Video: Fatos Incríveis Jair Bolsonaro defends Reserve General...

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