Friday, August 17, 2018

Brazil’s sea of mud

With the bursting of a dam full of iron ore tailings and other toxic metals in Minas Gerais state, Brazil is facing one its most serious environmental disasters ever.
With the extreme right in control of the Brazilian Congress, ethics has been stood on its head and events beggar belief. Jan Rocha reports from Sāo Paulo.
Increasingly abandoned by her old left-wing allies and viciously attacked by the right, President Dilma Rousseff looks increasingly lonely. Impeachment has become a real possibility.
How long can the authorities dither over the growing water crisis affecting Brazil's southeast?
The report into the human rights abuses committed under the military government, finally published after 30 years, is highly relevant for Brazil today.
Afro-Brazilians have created a new pattern of behaviour that challenges class and racial prejudices.
Horrific events in Pedrinhas prison expose the pernicious effects of the 50-year reign of the Sarney family in Maranhao
The Amazon activist, Chico Mendes, was murdered outside the door of his house on 22 December 1988. Jan Rocha, who met him, looks at his legacy.

Revisiting Paraguay 2

So the economy's booming? Tell that to the poor, says Jan Rocha in the second of her blog posts.

Revisiting Paraguay 1

Much remains unchanged but a few are daring to speak out against corruption, says Jan Rocha, in the the first of two blogs

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