Saturday, July 24, 2021
Dom Pedro Casaldáliga, the 84-year-old retired bishop of São Felix do Araguaia in Mato Grosso, has been forced to flee from his home because of death threats from big landowners. Sue Branford recalls the first time she met him nearly 40 years ago.
Greetings card sent for Christmas & New Year 2012/3 by Dom Pedro Casaldáliga (in Spanish, Portuguese and Catalan)
In late December 2012, Judge Vazquez of the Santiago Appeals Court initiated a discovery process for the murder of the famous Chilean singer Victor Jara.

Reconnecting with Recife

LAB's Francis McDonagh renews his links with Recife, and observes Brazil at a slant, outside the São Paulo-Brasília beltway.
While inexplicably climate change has been falling off the agenda in the UK, despite the indications that the world is heading towards catastrophe even more quickly than we feared, there are signs that finally Brazil is waking up to the crisis.


LAB Editor Francis McDonagh discusses what the tragedy in southern Brazil, in which 236 young people were killed, tells us about Brazil's ambition to be a member of the 'rich country' club.
LAB editor Francis McDonagh describes a visit to the south of the Brazilian state of Pará, starting in Belém and moving into deepest darkest rancher country.
In 2001, exhausted after interviewing Chavez in Caracas, LAB editor Sue Branford commented half in jest to a fellow journalist that El Comandante was not long for this world.
Yoani Sánchez' tour of Brazil provokes a storm of Cold War polemic.
How the Brazilian military eliminated all traces of the disappeared by burning their bodies.

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