Monday, September 24, 2018
In Caño del Oro, on an island close to Cartagena, efforts to win collective land titles boost the resilience of the Afro-Colombian community.
The use by the police of social media to coordinate revenge killings may explain the increase in police-related homicides in Brazil in recent months.
While the press is talking about the impact of the dams on the indigenous communities downstream whose land will be flooded, little is being said about the upstream communities who also have a lot to lose.
The Cochabamba Declaration mobilises scientists and indigenous experts concerning the preservation of rock art and indigenous sacred places in South America
An Earth Education Project in Managua helps women who lived on the municipal rubbish tip make and sell jewelry.
Rafael Correa of Ecuador is finding out the hard way what it means to oppose US interests in Latin America, argues Matt Kennard.
The Brazilian Congress, now dominated by the right, may soon vote to lower the age of criminal responsibility from 18 to 16.
An exhibition of patchworks produced by craftswomen from Chile and other countries around the world shows the power of these works of silent protest
In Machynlleth, mid Wales, the El Sueño Existe festival will be held in July-August, highlighting Colombia and eco-socialism.
A movement and vast demonstration against femicide and violence against women has drawn support from every quarter.

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