The outpouring of grief following her husband's death gives President Cristina Fernández de Kirchner a strong basis for re-building her presidency, says Diego González from Buenos Aires.

Bulletin 17 February 2010

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This important article was originally published in Spanish in August 2019 (read the original here). Cristina Flores has translated it for LAB as a contribution to our ongoing project Voices of Latin America, represented by our book of that name, and the ongoing website which continues the work of the book.
’We are the people of the territory that suffers and is exhausted; the one that is crushed by the political-economic power that leaves us even without the most vital element: water. We fight for a law that guarantees pure water to all residents of Chubut; but also, to express to the governors and businessmen that...
Political uncertainty as country enters a new era with the death of the country's most powerful politician.
Fondo, directed by Alejandro Bercovich, Argentina, 2019 The complete film can be viewed from this link. Alejandro Bercovich’s documentary-critique Fondo starts with what looks like a slick, modern and engaging advertisement. ‘Countries of the world working together for the good of all’, it declares. This,...
The Faculty of Social Sciences of the University of Buenos Aires organized a virtual dialogue 'Thinking about Latin America After the Pandemic' on Friday 26 June, with guest participants Alberto Fernández, President of Argentina and the former Brazilian president Luis Ignacio Lula da Silva. In his speech, Lula da Silva stressed the links he...
Argentina, once renowned throughout the world for the large herds of cattle roaming its pampas, has fallen behind Brazil, Uruguay and now even Paraguay in its beef exports.


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