Argentina, once renowned throughout the world for the large herds of cattle roaming its pampas, has fallen behind Brazil, Uruguay and now even Paraguay in its beef exports.
The iniquitous ISDS system allows mining companies to sue Latin American governments for massive amounts of 'compensation' every time their mining activities are blocked by local community opposition or environmental concerns.
Film review of Un Crimen Común which follows a middle class academic mother whose life unravels after she becomes implicated in the death of her housekeeper’s son.
'The upheaval in Esquel had many repercussions and similar movements were documented elsewhere. Law 5001 of April 2003 prohibited open-pit metal extraction in the province of Chubut and the resistance spread. How to reach all the no a la mina movements in Latin America?’ This is the challenge Luis Manuel Claps poses in Dirtigol: en la ruta del oro sucio:...
An extraordinary museum and achive BASED at the UNAM, Mexico, contains invaluable records of human rights violations, resistance and the dogged determination to tell and preserve the truth


Haiti: missionaries charged with kidnapping ♦ Paraguay faces energy crisis ♦ Solution for energy crisis? Have longer weekends ♦ Argentina: new head of central bank promises to work with government ♦ China "not interested" in env

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