Monday, July 23, 2018
Argentina changes government and Macri’s political past gives some indications of what the future might bring.
The results of the election mark the end of a political era.
Urban street art is now an established feature of Argentina's capital, adding plenty of colour to many of the city's neighbourhoods . Russell White explores.
Even though its carbon emissions are comparable with those of most European countries, Argentina's new climate plan is disappointingly timid.
Historian Alun Burge examines the role of the extraordinary Welsh community and its support for the Trelew prisoners -- and calls for more research.
A movement and vast demonstration against femicide and violence against women has drawn support from every quarter.
Set in a Buenos Aires cabaret club before, during and after Argentina’s brutal “Dirty War”, These Trees Are Made of Blood tells the story of a mother’s search for her missing daughter, one of thousands of people “disappeared” by the military junta.
A new collection of interviews and testimonies is discussed by a panel of experts in London on April 21
A London conference on climate change and human rights in Latin America organised by ILAS and LAB
With a new play about Argentina's 'disappeared' opening in London later this month, LAB brings you an exclusive interview with one of the leading Madres.

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