Tuesday, December 12, 2017
Who could ask for more? A supremely well-written travelogue whose authors are trade unionists and journalists with a deep interest in the societies they visit.
The extraordinary discoverey by Estela Carlotto of her grandson is breathing life into the campaign to hold to account those responsible for the appaling human rights violations committed during the military dictatorship.
The Jubilee Debt Campaign UK is organising a petition of support for the Argentine government in its struggle against 'vulture funds'.
Holders of some so-called vulture funds are threatening to seize Argentine state assets.


Created in 1967 by UNESCO, it brings together 370 research centres and 650 post-graduate programmes in social sciences and the humanities.
The Latin American Council for the Social Sciences produced a fascinating blog about the Cup and its importance and impact on the countries of the Region.
In recent years the Diaguita indigenous communities in northern Chile have made real strides
High inflation in Argentina is commonly seen as a warning of imminent economic meltdown, but is this too simple a view?
Candidates are already jockeying for position in the run up to the October 2015 presidential elections. As a new political era beckons, LAB looks at the leading challengers.
On the anniversary of the 24th March 1976 military coup, the minister of justice and human rights claims that Kirchnerismo has converted Argentina's shame into international respect.

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