Bulletin 25 February 2010

Argentina: Government fights on two fronts ♦ Cuba: Lula says farewell ♦ Venezuela: Government rejects report from Inter American Committee ♦ Brazil: Biggest bank increases profits ♦ El Niño goes heavy on Latin America

Bulletin 1 March 2010

Chile: Army controls devastated areas – rescue efforts start – Why Chile coped better than Haiti ♦ Colombia: the end of the Uribe adventure, for now ♦ Argentina: politics makes inflation go up ♦ Meeting to prepare COP16

Bulletin 2 March 2010

Chile: international aid arrives – people and authorities organise against looting ♦ Argentina: welcome US mediation ♦ Chile: earthquake will not stop economic growth ♦ Bolivia: Rains destroy communities
Nick Caistor talks about 200 yeas of Argentina's independence, with celebrations marred by political bickering

A Deafening Silence

Some observations on Argentina’s testy relationship with the past.
Ivan Briscoe pays tribute to the deceased novelist and his Argentina
GM soya: a "death sentence" for Argentina. In a special article for LAB, Claire Robinson, the editor of GM Watch, reports on efforts to silence a scientist whose investigations suggest that the widespread spraying of glyphosate, a herb
Former president Nestor Kirchner, who has died unexpectedly of a heart attack, is remembered for his leadership role in standing up to the USA
Political uncertainty as country enters a new era with the death of the country's most powerful politician.
The outpouring of grief following her husband's death gives President Cristina Fernández de Kirchner a strong basis for re-building her presidency, says Diego González from Buenos Aires.

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