Brazil: the Carbon Credit Bonanza. Celestial Green Ventures, a carbon trading company based in Ireland, has been quietly signing contracts with a series of indigenous groups in the Amazon.
This is the third in a series of four blog-posts, written for Christian Aid and LAB by distinguished journalists João Peres and Moriti Neto 3. David vs Goliath one public document states that since 1995, the aluminium mining company MRN (Mineração Rio do Norte) has been transferring R$495,000 per year for the maintenance of the local unit of the Chico Mendes...
Vast tracts of land are being taken over by powerful investors, many of them from Latin America. Such is the pace, says development expert, Cristobal Kay, that the continent is being transformed before our eyes.
In South America's largest city, time means money. So it's perhaps no surprise that helipads are popping up like mushrooms.
Thanks to Brazil's Truth Commission, hard evidence is finally emerging of one of the worst atrocities of the last 40 years
Davi Kopenawa, a Yanomami Indian shaman, talks about “paper skins”, “xirina" ants and “Teosi" in a fascinating new book.
The Tapajós River Basin lies at the heart of the Amazon, and at the heart of an exploding controversy: whether to build 40+ large dams, a railway, and highways, turning the Basin into a vast industrialized commodities export corridor; or to curb this development impulse and conserve one of the most biologically and culturally rich regions on the planet. Those...
Brutal repression and commercial bids to co-opt them have failed. The pixadores --the city's graphic rap-artists- fight to maintain their transgressive art of tagging walls and buildings.
Norway gives billions to Brazil to save the rainforest. At the same time, Norsk Hydro’s operations lead to large emissions of greenhouse gases and the destruction of rainforests. NRK-2, TV Channel NRK-2 of the (government-owned) Norwegian Broadcasting Corporation published this article on 6 January 2019 about Norway’s double standards with respect to rainforests. You can read the...
  Publicado originalmente em 07 de março de 2016. Na primeira de seis postagens, Sue Branford descreve uma cidade onde as promessas de um pródigo desenvolvimento têm se revelado um grande vazio. Em janeiro 2016, a jornalista britânica Sue Branford viajou ao Brasil pela Mongabay e pelo Latin America Bureau – LAB, para uma sequência de reportagens sobre a vida das comunidades...

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