Friday, April 19, 2024


What a load of greenwash!

A mining engineer with more than 40 years in the industry challenges the ESG frameworks used by mining companies to greenwash their activities

Searching for the disappeared of the Southern Cone dictatorships

Tricia Feeney contextualises the work of CLAMOR, an organization co-founded by Jan Rocha dedicated to defending human rights in the countries of the Southern Cone.

Festival of Latin American Anti-Racist and Decolonial Art

The Festival of Latin American Anti-Racist and Decolonial Art launched an online exhibition and showcased work from Latin American artists at the forefront of antiracist struggles.

Carnaval in Brazil: politics and percussion

LAB contributor Ana Maria Monjardino highlights social, political, and environmental-themed blocos from this year’s Carnaval in Brazil.

Yanomami crisis sparks action against illegal gold in the Amazon

In January, a wave of outrage swept Brazil after photos and footage of sick and starving Yanomami were made public. Indigenous federal deputy is trying to speed up the vote of a new bill that establishes new rules for the gold trade in Brazil.

Brazil’s Indigenous groups demand a voice in new soybean railway project

The Ferrogrão railway project has been met with resistance from Indigenous peoples who will be impacted by the socio-environmental risks associated with the project.

Chico Mendes an inspiration in India

LAB's 1990 book Fight for the Forest - Chico Mendes in His Own Words is being translated into Bengali by a group in Kolkata, India, campaigning to save a historic avenue of trees. The translator outlines their experience and describes some of the historic envirionmental campaigns in India.

Bolsonaro’s genocide of the Yanomami

The deliberate killing and starvation of indigenous Yanomami people in Roraima state is the direct result of the policies of the Bolsonaro government. As the new Lula administration rushes emergency aid to the area, calls are being made for Bolsonaro to be tried for genocide.

Brazil’s democracy is far from safe

Lula acted decisively to halt the Bolsonarist insurgents who invaded the centre of government in Brasilia on 8 January. But coup-mongers are numerous and active, not least within the armed forces, while the right retains control of Congress.

Brazil: pro-democracy demonstrations in London and São Paulo

In reaction to what justice minister Flavio Dino has already identified as a terrorist attack, Brazilians flocked to the streets of São Paulo, London, New York, and beyond to voice their outrage.

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