Tuesday, June 28, 2022


Amazon: success in combatting deforestation

Through a new partnership between the state and civil society, the municipality of Marabá in the state of Pará in Brazil is winning the fight against deforestion.

Brazil: the ‘neoliberalisation’ of Embrapa

Horacio Martins de Carvalho, a leading rural analyst, laments the way Embrapa, the country's main agricultural research institute, has been turned into a tool of neoliberalism, even signing technical agreements with Monsanto. In Portuguese.

Never Again: Maré Remembers 10 Killed in Police Operation

Thousands march in Maré neighbourhood, Rio de Janeiro, demanding an immediate end to police operation where police agents enter favelas and kill with impunity.

Brazil: Campaign of terror against Amazon community

Loggers, keen to expel rubber-tappers from timber-rich land in the state of Amazonas in the Brazilian Amazon, are terrorising families, with the cumplicity of the local police force. A report from Pública, one of LAB's partners in Brazil.

Rio: film festival highlights nuclear perils

LAB's Karoline Pelikan interviews the organizers of the Rio International Uranium Film Festival which highlights the dangers of nuclear weapons, uranium mining and nuclear waste.

Bolsonaro provokes constitutional crisis to cloak scandals

Mired in scandal, Bolsonaro provokes a constitutional crisis to divert attention. But, as Lula's campaign gears up, the key question is what the military will do.

WIKILEAKS: Latin America doesn’t trust China

New cables revealed in El Pais, a Madrid daily, show how Latin American countries are increasingly wary of China's growing presence in the region.

Brazil: Belo Monte dam ruling reversed

While the country was absorbed in the annual Carnival, construction work began on the controversial Belo Monte hydroelectric power station, after a higher court overruled an earlier judicial decision to halt the project on envrionmental and social grou

Brazil: Nothing by Accident

Alistair Clark reviews Damian Platt's book about organized crime in Rio de Janeiro and asks whether it reflects Brazil more widely.

WikiLeaks involve Brazil

The Brazilian security forces cooperate closely with US intelligence and law enforcement agencies on counterterrorism, in spite of denials from the Brazilian government, show US embassy cables.

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