Since December, Brazil, Argentina, Bolivia, Chile, Ecuador, Guyana, Paraguay and Peru have all recognised Palestine as an independent state. This is another indication of the growing independence from the USA of much of Latin America.
At the end of March, President Obama will make his first official visit to Latin America. Aleksander Aguilar looks at why he has chosen to visit Brazil, Chile and El Salvador.
Police on Easter Island have evicted a group of indigenous people who had been occupying the grounds of a luxury hotel since last year.
Following months of protests and sit-ins surrounding ancestral land claims on Chile’s Easter Island, the United Nations has officially called on the Chilean government to help diffuse tensions.
More than 100 Police Special Forces violently evicted Rapa Nui indigenous groups from the Government Plaza in the center of Hanga Roa over the holidays, causing injuries to at least nine people, three of them serious.
Dr Cathy Collins, from Santiago, criticises the Guardian coverage of President Sebastian Piñera's visit to UK
Daniela Estrada discusses the political motivations behind the Mapuche hunger strikers.
President Piñera heads for conflict with the Mapuche.
Bringing to justice human rights violators during 1973-1990 dictatorship.

Chile: A CEO in La Moneda

The author argues that the new Chilean president will have a bumpy road from the start

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