Chilean artist Valuspa Parra’s installation ‘Minimal Secret’ reproduces texts from declassified CIA documents about the 1973 military coup in Chile.

Chile: waging war on memory

The Chilean Minister of Education has removed the term 'military dictatorship' from the national curriculum for primary education. Understandably, human rights groups have expressed alarm.

Memory, Justice and Impunity

As editor of  LAB's newsletter on memoria, Mike Gatehouse looks at the different ways in which Latin America is dealing with its past.
A Chilean judge is seeking the extradition of former US military attache in Chile, Ray Davis, who has been charged with the 1973 killing of a US journalist working in the country.
Chile is to be prosecuted by the Inter-American Court of Human Rights for using its anti-terrorism law against the Mapuche indigenous people.

Homage to a Criminal in Chile

The author writes about attempts to vindicate Chile's dictatorial past.
Hundreds of thousands of Chileans take to the streets to demand changes to the Constitution.
Nick Caistor, from LAB, analyses the reasons behind the students protests in Chile.
Since December, Brazil, Argentina, Bolivia, Chile, Ecuador, Guyana, Paraguay and Peru have all recognised Palestine as an independent state. This is another indication of the growing independence from the USA of much of Latin America.
At the end of March, President Obama will make his first official visit to Latin America. Aleksander Aguilar looks at why he has chosen to visit Brazil, Chile and El Salvador.

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