Tuesday, September 25, 2018
The Cochabamba Declaration mobilises scientists and indigenous experts concerning the preservation of rock art and indigenous sacred places in South America
An exhibition of patchworks produced by craftswomen from Chile and other countries around the world shows the power of these works of silent protest
In Machynlleth, mid Wales, the El Sueño Existe festival will be held in July-August, highlighting Colombia and eco-socialism.
In her second term as president, Michelle Bachelet seems in a hurry to push through wide-ranging reforms, despite opposition in Congress and a dip in her popularity ratings
A new collection of interviews and testimonies is discussed by a panel of experts in London on April 21
Younger Chileans seem remarkably unbothered by the continuation of a constitution framed under the dictatorship.
NGO Climate Parliament has a vacancy in Santiago
The demonstrations sweeping Brazil are sounding the death knell for the Workers' Party (PT) says a leading PT analyst.
Who could ask for more? A supremely well-written travelogue whose authors are trade unionists and journalists with a deep interest in the societies they visit.
After years of being banned or buried, Chilean state TV finally screens a film about the role of the Edwards' family media group in backing the dictatorship.

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