Bulletin 4 February 2010

Argentina: President rejects accusations of corruption ♦ Colombia: HRW warns of re-emergence of right-wing paramilitaries ♦ Bolivia: children abused in shelters ♦ Chileans confident in economy ♦ El Niño has arrived

Bulletin 10 February 2010

Chile: new president excludes prominent pinochetistas from cabinet ♦ Latin America unites to help Haiti ♦ Regional energy crisis continues: this time it’s Paraguay ♦ Mexico: highest inflation rate in ten years ♦ Mexico: al

LAB Bulletin 19 February 2010

Haiti: race against time to help survivors amid fears of political chaos ♦ Bolivia: Morales appoints new judges ahead of judicial elections ♦ Argentina: Ariel Ramirez has died ♦ Chile: new government will postpone decision on fuel p

Bulletin 1 March 2010

Chile: Army controls devastated areas – rescue efforts start – Why Chile coped better than Haiti ♦ Colombia: the end of the Uribe adventure, for now ♦ Argentina: politics makes inflation go up ♦ Meeting to prepare COP16

Bulletin 2 March 2010

Chile: international aid arrives – people and authorities organise against looting ♦ Argentina: welcome US mediation ♦ Chile: earthquake will not stop economic growth ♦ Bolivia: Rains destroy communities


Chile: Government gets tough with looters in the middle of the chaos – Terrestrial communications restored – the earthquake tests progress ♦ Guatemala: drug traffic reaches the head of police ♦ Brazil: sugar cane production due

Chile: A CEO in La Moneda

The author argues that the new Chilean president will have a bumpy road from the start
Bringing to justice human rights violators during 1973-1990 dictatorship.
President Piñera heads for conflict with the Mapuche.
Daniela Estrada discusses the political motivations behind the Mapuche hunger strikers.

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