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Marginalized voices of Carnaval de Baranquilla

Through secretly filmed performances with members of marginalized communities – including Indigenous, queer, and Afro-Colombian people – La Nave provides a unique insight into the Carnaval de Barranquilla, northern Colombia’s biggest cultural event. 

Brazil: tread gently on the earth

Director Marcos Colón has made a remarkable film about the Amazon, charting how in three countries, Brazil, Peru and Colombia, 'modernity' means exploitation and destruction. He interviews indigenous leaders with a very different vision.

Los Reyes Del Mundo: an epic tale of modern Colombia

Los reyes del mundo (The Kings of the World dir. Laura Mora, 2022), charismatically dances the line where hate for the world and love for life meet. It is full of action, poetry, wild cinematography, and transmits a pertinent social message.

The deadliest place for environmental defenders

The latest report from Global Witness confirms the rising trend in killings of environmental defenders, with Mexico becoming the most dangerous country in a very dangerous region which now accounts for over 75% of lethal attacks in the world.

The changing aesthetics of power in Colombia

'We saw the meeting of official symbols with transgressive, popular, and marginal symbols.' Three experts analyse the aesthetics and symbolism of Gustavo Petro's inauguration ceremony last month.

TikTokers of the Darien Gap

The jungle connecting Colombia to Panama is the scene of one of the most urgent migrant crises in the world. This video report from 070 concentrates on migrant 'influencers' who are documenting the Darien Gap crossing on TikTok, a short-form video social media app, and creating travel guides for those who risk the crossing.

Colombia: transitional justice must include GBV

Transitional justice is not just about bringing perpetrators to justice, it is also about giving a voice to those who lost one, rebuilding societal trust, and fostering reconciliation.

Amazon: crime without punishment

At least 58 indigenous people were killed in the Brazilian, Colombian, Ecuadorean and Peruvian Amazon between 2016 and 2021. In this article, Mongabay outlines the patterns, the involvement of state actors and the cloud of impunity surrounding these crimes

Colombia has awakened

Despite everything – the media, the fear mongering, the status quo – Petro won. Omar Rincón unpicks the recent Colombian elections.

Two men missing in The Amazon ‘wild-west’

The Javari reserve in Amazonas, where Dom Phillips and Bruno Pereira disappeared, is a wild-west border region with multiple problems of drug trafficking, smuggling and land grabbing.

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