Bulletin 15 February 2010

Colombia: guerrilla attack candidate ♦ Uruguay: new parliament to start work ♦ Ecuador and China increase military cooperation ♦ Argentinean film wins prestigious award ♦ European Union speeds up controversial agreement with Cen

Bulletin 17 February 2010

Argentina: President revives the ghost of the Falklands ♦ Brazil: Presidential candidate proposes radical programme ♦ Venezuela to reconsider offer of electricity supplies from Colombia ♦ Argentina: local currency sinks ♦ Guatem

Bulletin 23 February 2010

Argentina: President criticises the UK and expects regional support ♦ Latin America Summit: Colombia and Venezuela clash, again ♦ Latin America: An OAS without the Americans? ♦ Colombia: local currency in good health ♦ Brazil:


Venezuela leaves human rights organisation ♦ Colombia: Constitutional court says no Uribe re-election ♦ Telefónica increases profits ♦ Uruguay and the ethical house

Bulletin 1 March 2010

Chile: Army controls devastated areas – rescue efforts start – Why Chile coped better than Haiti ♦ Colombia: the end of the Uribe adventure, for now ♦ Argentina: politics makes inflation go up ♦ Meeting to prepare COP16
Laura Carsen says that parliamenatary elections in Colombia were not as clean as the UN claims.

The Next Colombia

Adam Isacson, from the Center for International Policy in Washington, says the elections have been blown wide open.
Hopes for a prisoner-for-hostage swap follow release of Sergeant Moncayo, reports IPS.
The former mayor of Bogotá poses a threat to Alvaro Uribe's heir.
Could Antanas Mockus become Colombia's next president? Nick Caistor, who has been following his career for many years, traces the rise of this extraordinary politician.

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