Saturday, July 24, 2021

Joe Arroyo, RIP

Colombian salsa legend Joe Arroyo died on 26 July at the age of 55 after being hospitalized for several weeks with a variety of health problems.
It is time for the Colombian authorities to acknowledge the failure of the paramilitary demobilisation argues C.L Smith.

Losing Latin America

The author argues that America's 'backyard' has never been so united and independent of U.S. influence.
The author writes about an initiative that puts an indigenous community in Colombia at the forefront of the fight against climate change.
On 4 April 2011, more than 70 adults returned to the Las Pavas ranch (Department of Bolívar), from which they were displaced in July 2009, following various returns and subsequent forced displacements.
Since early December, hundreds of private contractors of multinational banana corporation Banacol have illegally invaded and occupied Afro-Colombian peace communities in the Curvaradó river basin in order to clear the land for banana cultivation.
Perhaps the biggest difference with the Colombia of Conrad's famous novel is the US absence. Today it is the Chinese who are in the ascendancy.
In a talk at the London School of Economics (available as a podcast), former Bolivian President Carlos Mesa looks at political transitions in Latin America.
As the US increases it's military presence in Central America Grandin questions the wider policy involved.
The US  is trying to institute a Plan Central America which is expected to be announded this week. This will seek to address security issues across the region as the war on drugs continues.

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