Every day at 5pm, give or take half an hour, the figures detailing the numbers of fatalities, recoveries and new cases of Covd-19 become available and then at 6pm for an hour, Colombia’s President Ivan Duque provides a televised address to the nation. The President, seated beside props of generic and unused hand sanitizer and a...
Antanas Mockus on course to win in the first round of the elections, as he continues with his remarkable rise in the opinion polls.
Over the last few months China's investments in Colombia's infrastructure have grown rapidly. But who is monitoring their impact on local communities? Emma O’ Leary looks at the issue.
The former mayor of Bogotá poses a threat to Alvaro Uribe's heir.
The defeat of the Polo in Sunday's elections for the mayor of  Bogotá is a serious setback for the left.
Juan Manual Santos won a landslide victory in Sunday's presidential elections. But, says Gearòid Loingsigh, in a special report for LAB from Bogota, he faces a disastrous legacy.

Colombia: Social justice

With President Juan Manuel Santos in London, the Guardian publishes an article from Latin America Bureau on the need for social justice to be given priority in the UK's dealings with Colombia.
Gearóid Ó Loingsigh, a journalist based in Bogotá, gives his interpretation of the surprising election results in a special piece for LAB. 
Then-Lieutenant Juan Carlos del Rio Crespo has been charged along with four other soldiers of murdering three civilians in Antioquia and dressing them up as FARC guerrillas killed in combat.
Human rights activist wins award for her organisation's struggle to regain land violently seized by paramilitary groups. Article, in Spanish, from La Semana.

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