Human rights activist wins award for her organisation's struggle to regain land violently seized by paramilitary groups. Article, in Spanish, from La Semana.
Then-Lieutenant Juan Carlos del Rio Crespo has been charged along with four other soldiers of murdering three civilians in Antioquia and dressing them up as FARC guerrillas killed in combat.

Colombia: human rights

UK development agencies publish letter in the Guardian newspaper calling on the British govenrment to put human rights at the heart of its relationship with Colombia.

Plan Colombia & FARC

This article gives you a really powerful idea of what it is like on the ground as the Colombian government pursues its offensive against coca-growing and the FARC guerrillas, which remain, as ever, intermingled.

Colombia: the Uribe legacy

Armen Kouyoumdjian, an analyst based in Chile, gives us his own, very personal perspective on Colombia. 
Award-winning Colombian journalist Claudia Duque has been refused entry to Britain. She was invited by the National Union of Journalists to give a speech about her work in upholding human rights.  
Green Party supporters are circulating images on the internet to mobilise support for Mockus.

The Rights of Nature Movement

Ashaninka women in Tsiquireni, in the shores of Ene River. April 2012. Photo/Tomas Munita
A recent report, published by the Cyrus R. Vance Centre for International Justice, Earth Law Centre and International Rivers has found that the movement to grant legal rights to rivers and the natural environment is rapidly gaining momentum around the world.
The Colombian Government is not doing enough to protect the innocent, argues Human Rights Watch
Presidential hopeful Antanas Mockus is persuading many that he can reform Colombia's parasitic and abusive political culture.

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