We will be here until they free our people and the military stop falsely accusing us of links to the ELN’ says one striker.
what the Colombian press says about the elections.
By John Washington. Originally published on April 18, 2020 under the title 'We Need to Reverse the Damage Trump Has Done in Latin America. Biden’s Plans Don’t Cut It'. You can read the original here. Republished with kind permission from The Intercept , an award-winning nonprofit news organization dedicated to holding the powerful accountable...
Nazih Richani argues that military expenditure has become a leviathan which is hampering the country's social, economic and political development.
Since early December, hundreds of private contractors of multinational banana corporation Banacol have illegally invaded and occupied Afro-Colombian peace communities in the Curvaradó river basin in order to clear the land for banana cultivation.
Both the United Nations and World Health Organization have labelled the spread of disinformation during the coronavirus crisis as an ‘infodemic.’ ‘We have faced pandemics before,’ said Graham Brookie, Director of the Atlantic Council Digital Forensics Laboratory, ‘but never in an era in which humans are so connected and with as much access to information as they...


Venezuela leaves human rights organisation ♦ Colombia: Constitutional court says no Uribe re-election ♦ Telefónica increases profits ♦ Uruguay and the ethical house


Venezuela rejects Colombian accusations of illegal incursion ♦ Brazilian President cancels trip to Davos due to illness ♦ Peru: guerrilla leader “surrounded” ♦ Chile: salmon production to fall ♦ Venezuelan parliament

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