Mauricio explains the origin and work of Dexpierte Colectivo. Video: Colectivo Tomate, March 2018

Colectivo Dexpierte

Colectivo Dexpierte's Vimeo Chanel
DjLu, a prolific stencil artist and former DJ, hails from the high-altitude Andean city of Bogotá, Colombia. The city, as he describes it, is his artistic playground and a fitting setting to express his views on the current state of his country at large. Though his art maintains an aesthetic beauty, he consistently incorporates strong messaging behind...


Trailer to a film by Colombian director Andrés Chávez. In Spanish, with English subtitles It is completely unprecedented in Colombian history for a magnificent colonial neighborhood made up of traditional families and businesses to become home to thousands of homeless people and mafias. Its streets and old homes were converted into crack...
26 April 2019 Dear LAB Supporter and Friend, Patricia Gualinga, a Sarayaku Kichwa activist from Ecuador, in New York for the United Nations Permanent Forum on Indigenous Issues. She is holding a copy of Voices at an Amazonwatch event The shocking suicide of former President...
Right-wing paramilitaries, the heirs of the infamous death squads, have started to re-emerge in Colombia. Programme presented by Teresa Bo. Video: Al Jazeera (English), 9 September 2010
Sulay Pino is waiting for us at the main entrance to the San Javier metro station wearing a bright green t-shirt that reads ‘Stairway Storytellers’, the name of the project she founded along with her friend and co-worker Stiven Álvarez. This is the Stairway Storytellers' video. We are booked...
This article is based on an interview carried out by ABColombia in August 2018. The text does not reflect the views of ABColombia rather the personal views of two women of the FARC who took part in the reintegration process during the Santos Government and their experiences between 2017 and 2018. For...
Rogelio Ustate recalls (in a poem) the day when his community (Tabaco, a township of Alto Nuevo in Guajira) was displaced by public officials in Colombia to make room for the expansion of a massive open-air coal mine, Cerrejón. Video: Rogelio Ustate, May 2014 (in Spanish, with English subtitles)

Las Huellas del Cerrejón

The documentary "Las Huellas Del Cerrejón" recounts the experiences of some of the people living near the largest coal mine in the world: El Cerrejón. The 'company responsible' as it likes to call itself, has dried up the watercourses of the area and plunged the inhabitants into sadness and desperation. They, however, remain strong and united...

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