Brazil: heroes and rats

As rain-soaked soldiers carried coffin after coffin into the football stadium in the small city of Chapecó, in a procession which seemed as though it would never end, Brazilians were mourning not only the loss of sons, husbands, brothers and idols, but the loss of a dream.   “Even God is crying, “said Chapecó’s mayor, as the heavens opened and...
As peace activists, we have become too accustomed to share bad news. However, on this occasion I’m glad to be able to say that, while there are still many challenges, we are on the right path towards building peace in Colombia. The oldest insurgent group in the Americas, FARC-EP (the Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia- the People’s Army), no longer...

Colombia: ¿La paz es ahora?

¿La paz es ahora? Questions of peace and violence in Colombia An ambitious conference at Newcastle University in September 2017 examined the nature of violence in Colombia, as the signing of the peace agreement poses a myriad of questions in the post-conflict situation. Alba Griffin, Martha Borras Guevara and Diana Morales prepared this report for LAB. Last year’s signing of a...
With the entire final agreement finally signed in Havana, the peace accords must now be submitted to a national referendum on October 2. The outcome remains uncertain.
In Machynlleth, mid Wales, the El Sueño Existe festival will be held in July-August, highlighting Colombia and eco-socialism.
Colombians’ rejection of the peace deal on 2 October led to mass demonstrations in the streets, with people demanding a new agreement, fast. ‘Friends of peace’ in Colombian cities like Bogotá, Cali, Medellín, Barranquilla, and Montería gave voice to the urgent need to find a way out of the post-plebiscite debacle. Meanwhile, Colombian nationals living in the UK who were...
Despite legislation guaranteeing equal rights to LGBT couples, the battle for the acceptance of same-sex marriage and adoption is far from won.
Even after more than two years of peace talks, observers still disagree as to whether president Santos is an opportunist or a true advocate of peace.
Is the newly re-elected President a closet neo-liberal and unrepentant fan of 'brown left' policies of extraction and accelerated development? Ecuador's left and indigenous movements are strongly critical but also anxious to develop positive alternatives.
PBI sends teams of international volunteers to areas of conflict at the request of local human rights defenders who are threatened because of their legitimate, nonviolent, human rights activities.

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