Sunday, September 23, 2018
Several strains of the fungal disease 'Roya' are devastating coffee bushes across Central America with disastrous consequences for harvests and farmers
A renowned Costa Rican environmentalist says that small-scale farming can help resolve the problem of climate change in Central America.
Drugs have cast a dark shadow over one of the most peaceful countries in Latin America.
Costa Rican President Laura Chinchilla has warned that her country faces a crisis because of drug traffic. The author explains why.
Whilst South East Asia remains the hub of sex tourism, Central America is growing in popularity due to poverty and diminishing opportunities.
Environmental and territorial conflict remain along the San Juan river as a hydroelectic project looms and problems along the border between Nicaragua and Costa Rica continue.
Guy Burton examines the possible motives behind Ortega's stance in the recent border dispute between Nicaragua and Costa Rica.
Tensions run high as Costa Rica and Nicaragua squabble over border incursions on the San Juan River.
Pineapples in Costa Rica: Over the last decade intensive agriculture has led to a big surge in pineapple production in Costa Rica but at horrific cost to workers, peasant families and biodiversity. Felicity Lawrence takes an in-depth l

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