Monday, July 23, 2018
Will the new Foreign Direct Investment Law update Cuba's economy?
In an increasingly ageing population,grandmothers have heavy economic and caring burdens but are also finding new opportunities .
Cuban TV provoked a storm of indignation when it appeared to hold women solely responsible for the country's low birth-rate.
On June 1, former guerrilla leader Salvador Sanchez Ceren was inaugurated as president.
Cuba's main source of overseas earnings is now the work done by its doctors and medical professionals writes LAB editor Javier Farje from Havana.
Two of the Cuban Five - René González and Fernando González - are back in Cuba but their thoughts are still with their imprisoned compatriots. Lab editor Javier Farje writes from Havana.
USAID's covert promotion of a social media network raises questions about new technology on the island
Cuban writer Leonardo Padura talks about his latest novel, The Man Who Loved Dogs.
President Mujica has accepted a US proposal to accept Guantanamo detainees as refugees.
The Latin-London nine-piece band Wara have been making waves in the London gig and club scene over the past year, releasing their debut album Leave to Remain in July and embarking on their first UK tour earlier this year.

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